søndag 15. april 2012

Life as of now...

Today I wrote a new melody... Verse and chorus. Will come very well in handy with all the lyrics that's been building up! All I want now is something stationary to place my camera upon, for filming the final products so that I can share my songs on this blog. Also some kind of recorder... Just something simple to begin with, to record strings/piano, guitar/bass, drums/rhytm and vocals! By golly that would make me one happy camper ;D

So I'm throwing it out there, into the universe; I have only done good, hopefully karma would reward me in a way so that all my wishes become possible to achieve! I can really feel something great coming on. Also, I am getting some small offers for acting-parts for tv and movies... It will be exciting to see what will come of THAT! Finally we have the local play that I also will be a part of this year aswell... That is great because of the opportunities for singing, acting AND dancing/choreographing! 

I do not know what the status of the bluegrass-band I was a part of is anymore, because in the beginning of this year I fell into a two month long depression that kept me from being able to go outside, answer phones, check my mail etc... HORRIBLE, horrible shit. But, damn it made me creative, and also, I learn a lot from every challenging life-experience. Being sick sucks, but the getting healthy again is a great thing :D